Tree Stump Removal Richmond VA

Stump Grinding

Tree Trimming Richmond provides full tree stump removal & grinding service in Richmond, VA & surrounding areas.

There are generally two main options when it comes to having a stump removed professionally. Each has its own set of pros and cons. There are a lot of factors that go into the cost and procedure of a stump removal and every tree has its own unique set of circumstances.

Call today to have one of our professional arborists give you a free estimate on a stump removal. We can help you figure out whether a stump removal or stump grinding would be more effective in your case.

Stump Grinding Richmond VA

A stump grinding is a procedure used to grind a stump down to below the surface of the earth. The stump is then covered with a layer of topsoil which can be used to plant sod or otherwise blend it in with the surrounding landscape.

A large piece of equipment, the stump grinder, is used to do this. It kind of looks like a big lawn mower with a giant chop saw blade that is used to grind away at the stump.

Stump grinding is often cheaper than complete stump removal because it doesn’t involve digging, cutting away roots or hauling away the trunk. However, stump grinding is not an option in places where any building development would be performed on or in the vicinity of the stump.

Full Stump Removals Richmond VA

In a full stump removal, the stump must be dug out of the ground and its root system must be cut before it can be removed. This option is much more labor intensive, especially if the stump is to be completely removed from the premises once it has been extracted from the ground.

The cost of a stump removal can also be further complicated by things like rocky soil, wood hardness, tree location with respect to surrounding structures and stump diameter.

Whatever option is chosen,Tree Trimming Richmond promises to do the job at the most competitive price that quality and safety will allow. All of our work is done with customer satisfaction as our end goal. Call today for a free quote on our professional services.