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At Trimming Trimming Richmond, we work tirelessly to offer tree service so your landscaping can prosper. We have 12 years of experience making thousands of homeowners happy with their yards. Our expert team members provide higher quality service with a top-notch, presentable, and friendly crew. We hold ourselves to the highest standard so we can create the outdoor space of your dreams.

To schedule a consultation with our certified arborist, call us now at (804) 533-3943 or fill out our online contact form.

Where We Serve

We want everyone in our community to benefit from our team of experts with years of experience. 


Within Virginia, we service every city and county, including Richmond. That said, we have seen the following counties to be where we see the most clients. Given we are driven by word-of-mouth referrals, these are just the areas we are most active, so naturally start working for a client’s neighbor, then the next neighbor, and so on. 


We started in 2011 with the goal to focus on tree services that our customers can trust. The first step in this process is a consultation with our certified arborist, that recommends the best care for your trees and home landscape. We work hard to provide safe, presentable, and friendly services that you can count on for long-term tree care.


We are a locally-owned & operated company, so we love getting to serve these towns & neighborhoods. This is where we live, so we take a ton of pride in helping manage our community’s physical landscape.

Why you should go with us?

Very Experienced

We have a lot of experience and we’re great at what we do. Tree Service is ranked as one of the most dangerous jobs out there so its important to pick a company with at least 10 years experience.

Licensed, Insured & Bonded

This means the homeowner is protected from any liability should an accident occur. We train our crew on strict safety guidelines, & we do whatever it takes to protect your property and our staff, even if it means bringing in more equipment for a project such as cranes.

Our Reputation

We have built a strong base of loyal customers in Richmond VA, if you want to hear some cross references that’s no problem with us. Just give us a call to find out what past customers of ours to contact.

Affordable Pricing

We always quote a fair price based on our experience and knowledge in what it takes to get the job done properly. Call us today to get a Free Estimate, you may be pleasantly surprised at our great rates.